Senator Taj Haider congratulates CM Sindh for achieving financial closure

Karachi (HRNW)- Member PPP Core Committee Senator Taj Haider has congratulated Chief Minister Sindh for achieving financial closure worth 1.3 billion for mega projects in the coal mining and power generation sectors in Thar. We shall now be producing 15.4 ­­­­mtpa of coal and generating 2640mw of cheap electricity from Thar Coal fields. Block VI would be producing urea that would meet the country’s projected urea requirement for the next 30 years. This New Year gift of the Sindh government stands in sharp contrast with the new year gift of raising electricity tariffs and fuel prices given to the nation by the Federal Government.

Senator Taj Haider said PPP was following ideal economic policy of mobilizing national human and natural resources for economic development. Lowering of energy costs, employment and skill development, saving foreign exchange and raising national production is a correct economic strategy that shall enable us to compete in the world market and raise the standard of living of our working classes. It was high time that the country dropped the policies of collecting revenues through coercion and indirect taxation and financing current expenditures by taking loans.

Looking at the potential of Thar Coal and also of renewable energy, in which Sindh has made a major breakthrough, the day was not far when Pakistan shall become self-sufficient in its energy requirements. The important breakthrough in Bio-saline agriculture that has been made in Thar definitely holds the promise of making Pakistan once again an exporter of agriculture crops and products, Senator Taj Haider said.

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