Satirical song about old people angers Germany’s right-wingers

Cologne (dpa) – A group of children singing a song about their grandmothers has unleashed controversy in Germany and brought several hundred people onto the streets of Cologne.

The offending video, which was an attempt at satire by public broadcaster WDR, features a group of smiling young girls lambasting their grandmothers to the tune of a well-known German children’s song.

The original song begins with the classic lyric, “My granny rides a motorbike in the chicken coop,” but this version describes the old woman driving her SUV to the doctor and eating meat every day, before calling her what roughly translates as “an old environment pig.”

At a time when children and young people across the globe have been taking their elders to task over environmental action, the colourful language in the song was a step too far for some in Germany.

Right-wing groups offended by the song called for a demonstration outside the WDR headquarters in Cologne on Saturday, but were vastly outnumbered on the day by counterprotesters defending free speech and satire.

The opposing groups were kept apart without incident, a police spokesman said.

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