These are the most powerful passports for 2020

LONDON: (HRNW) Japan has once again grabbed the top position in international passport ranking in accordance with the latest Henley Index, whereas, Pakistan improved two points in the list for 2020.

Singapore descended to the second position which previously held the top position. The citizens of Japan and Singapore can get visa-free access to 191 and 190 destinations respectively around the world.

Germany and South Korea shared the third position while Finland and Italy on the fourth position with the visa-free access to 188 and 189 destinations.

On the fifth position, Denmark, Luxembourg and Spain grabbed the spot, whereas, France and Sweden on sixth. Austria, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland on seventh while the eight position received collectively by Belgium, Greece, Norway, United Kingdom (UK) and United States (US).

The countries including Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Malta and New Zealand gained ninth position and Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia on 10th.

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