Bait ul Mal Sindh Head Hunaid Lakhani announces aid for Hassan Mir’s family

Karachi (HRNW)- Head of Bait ul Mal Sindh Hunaid Lakhani visited the family of deceased Mir Hassan, a resident of Korangi Ibrahim Hyderi who committed suicide due to unemployment.

PTI leader Lakhani announced the financial aid of 1,20,000 PKR from Bait ul Mal and extended the condolence on behalf of the Prime Minister.

“I have come on the behalf of the Prime Minister and we will provide best possible facilitation to the deceased’s family”, he informed.

While talking to the media officials, he criticized the Sindh government over the increasing cases of suicides in the province.

“Around 1500 people committed suicide in the last 5 years in the province which is very alarming. The rulers of the province are busy in making money while the public is facing the miseries. Sindh government is responsible for the loss of these valuable life loses since the people are not only dying by suicide, they are losing their lives due to dog biting, unclean water and other hazardous diseases”

He added that there is no shortage of resources in Sindh but the rulers are not interested to resolve public issues, they are not willing to educate them in order to sustain their rule. Economic zones will be established in the country which will be highly beneficial for the country’s economic progress.

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