Universities Must Be Deeply Connected with Communities: Dr. Zakar

Okara (HRNW) Universities are an integral part of the institutional system of a society and they can trigger social change by interacting and connecting with the communities they serve, said the Vice Chancellor University of Okara Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar while talking to the representatives of local community.
He argued that historically universities have been lead institutions to connect the society with knowledge and innovation. All academic departments of a university must be deeply connected with their corresponding social institutions.
“The scientific community at a university must interact with local stakeholders to constantly brush up their knowledge and connect their activities with global best practices”, said Dr. Zakar.
He further told that various academic departments of a university can help in carving out social change like inculcation of respect for rule of law, responsible social behavior, high moral values and coherence.
The VC added, “University law school must work to improve rule of law and professional training of lawyers and update local legal paraphernalia while Biochemistry department must guide and update their local food and agriculture departments.”

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