Germany’s Maas optimistic about Libya agreement at Berlin summit

Berlin (dpa) – German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Tuesday he was optimistic about sealing an agreement to resolve the Libya conflict at international talks in Berlin this weekend.

“We are at a point where we believe we have made such an agreement with all involved and it makes sense to meet at a conference. That’s the precondition for there to no longer be a military solution in Libya but a political one.”

Maas told journalists that the German government was of the view that “the military conflict could only be resolved when the influence from abroad is ended, and all those who are exercising influence agree to stop providing military goods to the different warring parties in the future.”

Any agreement reached at the talks in Berlin “would establish the precondition that those involved in the civil war would no longer be able to continue their conflict in military form in the medium and long term. Instead, a political process would be introduced, guided by the UN.” The German plan envisages an end to military support for Libyan warring parties that would then lead to a ceasefire.

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