Collective efforts needed to resolve healthcare issues: Dr. Farhana Memon

Karachi (HRNW)- Dr Farhana Memon, Director, Sindh Healthcare Commission said collective efforts needed to resolve healthcare issues and experts of Tibb along with modern medical practitioners should work together to resolve much pressing concerns and issues healthcare face today. She was speaking on the last day at the concluding session of 3-day – 5th Hamdard International Conference on “Alternative Medicine, Responsibilities and Challenges.” at Bait al Hikmah Auditorium (Library),at Hamdard University, Madinat al Hikmah, Karachi.

She Congratulated Hamdard Pakistan and management for holding the conference successfully. She also highlighted the importance of these conferences for promotion of Eastern Medicine. She especially lauded the efforts of Hamdard to create awareness about the effectiveness of eastern medicines.

She urged National Council for Tibb to initiate dialogue with all stakeholders and bring forth recommendations to resolve healthcare issues in the country.

She informed the attendees that according to new research breastfeeding is a healthy practice which is unfortunately given up by most population of urban areas even though it was the practice of our elders for centuries. “We have to adopt these old practices and women understand the importance of breastfeeding. Besides that ancient treatment methods of remedies of eastern medicines are also very effective”, she added, and emphasized upon others to spread the work of Hakim Said, his accomplishments in the fields of Tibb, his research and discoveries so that more and more people could gain benefit from his work.

Prof. Dr. Ejaz Moihuddin, Dean, Faculty of Eastern Medicine, Hamdard University and Hakim Abdul Bari, Dy. Director Production, Hamdard Laboratories presented their papers.

The concluding session of the Conference also unanimously has submitted and approved the following recommendations:

1. Academic and industry linkage should be encouraged to develop evidence based alternative medicine.
2. Scientific gatherings should be more frequently organized.
3. Institutional linkage regarding student exchange program should be done.
4. Institutional linkage regarding faculty exchange program should be done.
5. Combine research projects should be done to have a strong scientific validation of alternative medicine.
6. More International speakers should participate in the conference.
7. Technical training courses should be encouraged.
8. Mattab Hamdard Aram Bagh Should be declared as a National Heritage.
9. National Coucil for Tibb should define the extent of clinical practices for Tabbibs / Hakims.
10. Behavioral changes of the community should be encouraged by mutual cooperation.
11. Counselling of patient should be encouraged from Hakims, Doctors, Homeopaths and community leaders for better and early healing.
12. Need of integrated approach for education, research and practice in alternative systems of medicine.
13. Every system should remain in their philosophical constraints for education and research
14. Pre-clinical trial and studies should be conducted before proceeding towards human clinical research.
15. Alternative system of medicine is the medicine of future, however the compliance for standardization of drugs and therapy should be ensured.

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