Seven House Democrats to argue impeachment case against Trump in Senate

WASHINGTON: (HRNW) US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Wednesday the seven members of the House of Representatives who will act as prosecutors to lay out the impeachment case against President Donald Trump in the Senate.

The House Intelligence Committee chairman, 59, has been a leading figure in the impeachment inquiry that preceded the House vote.

Schiff spearheaded an investigation that featured testimony from U.S. officials about Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, both in private and on national television. He also has been a favorite punching bag for Trump and House Republicans.

A former federal prosecutor, he represents a district in the Los Angeles area.

The House Judiciary Committee chairman, 72, has been a Trump antagonist since he opposed a Trump real estate development in Manhattan decades ago as a New York state assemblyman.

Nadler’s committee crafted the two articles of impeachment against Trump, which were approved by the House on Dec. 18.

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