Car plunges into sea in Karachi’s DHA Phase-VIII, driver missing

KARACHI (HRNW) A person has died and another missing in a tragic accident in Karachi. According to local Tv channel a car plunged into the sea in Karachi’s DHA Phase-VIII on Sunday. Authorities are searching for the driver. According to eye-witnesses, a man and his son were in the car and he was teaching his son how to drive in an open space in Phase-VIII. The younger man was behind the wheel while the father sat in the back.The driver accidentally either accelerated or the brakes failed when he was neared the corner of the space, plunging his vehicle into the water beyond. DHA machinery is at the scene and trying to pull the car out. The father has been pulled out of the water and is injured. The son has not been found yet.Neither have been identified yet.

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