Nowshera men arrested for allegedly raping, drowning seven-year-old girl

NOWSHERA: (HRNW) Two men were caught red-handed on Sunday in the city’s Ziarat Kaka Sahib area trying to drown a seven-year-old girl after allegedly raping her earlier, police confirmed, adding that both suspects have been arrested.

The deceased’s paternal uncle told police while registering the first information report (FIR) that she had gone to madrassa a day prior but never returned home. They subsequently started a search for the minor girl and, at nighttime, discovered two men strangling her while attempting to drown her in a water tank.

As soon as the two realised that they had been discovered, they threw her in the tank and made a run for it, her uncle added. By the time they retrieved her, she had already passed away.

Residents of the area alleged that the two men had first sexually abused the girl then brutally murdered her. Police said the neighbours wished to punish the suspects themselves but after talks, the men were handed over to authorities and arrested.

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