Hi-Tech Farming Should Be Introduced to Ensure Food Security: Dr. Zakar

Okara (HRNW)- Referring to the looming crises of wheat scarcity in Pakistan, the Vice Chancellor University of Okara Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar told while talking to the students that the government should introduce hi-tech farming in order to capacitate the farmers to produce more yields so that the problems related to food security can be addresses.
The VC observed that the farmers should be empowered and emancipated with the provision of subsidies on pesticides and fertilizers and crops insurance system be implemented.
He argued that the government should focus on rural development so that the increasing trend of urbanization can be curtailed.
“One farmer in Germany Holland produces food for 52 persons while our farmer is barely meeting the needs of one person despite the fact that we have very fertile land and supportive weather conditions”, told Dr. Zakar.
He emphasized the need of introducing advanced agricultural technologies in Pakistan in a bid to get maximum output with minimum input.
He told that the world has switched to various innovative farming techniques such as vertical farming, genetic engineering, crop sensors, drone farming, farm automation, greenhouse farming and precision agriculture while we are still struggling with orthodox methods.
“If we have to meet the food needs of our increasing population, there is no other way except the adoption and incorporation of the modern farming techniques”, the VC added.

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