Record Snowfall in Canada

OTAWA: (HRNW) A record-breaking snowfall in Newfoundland, Canada, has left residents with the enormous task of digging themselves out of piles and piles of snow.

St. John’s International Airport recorded 76.2 cm (30 inches) of snow Friday, according to Environment Canada, breaking the previous daily snowfall record set on April 5, 1999, of 68.4 cm (26.93 inches).
Footage from the area this weekend showed residents digging themselves out of deep of snow covering streets and cars.

Among those residents was Lola Parsons. She walked out to her car on Saturday morning but was surprised to find it wasn’t completely covered in snow, she said in a video shared on Twitter. That’s because she forgot to roll her window up, and several inches of snow had piled inside.

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