Rats take over the North Karachi Mini Zoo

Karachi (HRNW) North Karachi’s Mini Zoo in Sector 11-B is home to a number of animals, including rats. In fact, the rats practically run the place: they move fearlessly between cages and eat all the animals’ food.

But finding out that rats were also living in the zoo was not surprising for DMC Central Chairman Rehan Hashmi. “Rats are also a type of animal,” he said, so there’s no need to worry.

Hashmi said the mini zoo is being run under a public-private partnership, so the rats are the contractor’s responsibility.

“I am not aware of this. No one has brought the issue to my notice,” he said. Hashmi added that he would ask the contractor about it.

A man who visited the zoo with his family shared videos of the rats with SAMAA Digital. In one video, birds shift to the other side of the cage to stay away from the rats, who are consuming their food.

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