AVLC Landhi arrests scooty motorcycle lifter

Karachi (HRNW)- AVLC Landhi has arrested a Scooty / Motorcycle Lifter in FIR No: 176/2019 u/s 381/A of PS Risala namely Shan Afzal Abbasi s/o Shoukat Zaman and recovered one (01) Scooty / Motorcycle from his possession. He sells such motorcycles without papers / documents .

In another conduct AVLC Gadap has recovered a stolen car Toyota Vitz No. BBC-143 GREY Model 2011 stolen from area of PS Sachal near Malir Cantt:. The car has been recovered on the next day of offence with the efforts of AVLC staff.

Legal proceedings and efforts for further arrests are underway.

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