‘India can’t celebrate Republic Day after snatching Kashmir’s rights’

Muzaffarabad (HRNW) Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan said on Saturday that India has no justification to observe its Republic Day as it has snatched the fundamental rights of Kashmiris and its hands are soaked in the blood of innocent people.

Talking to media, he said that Indian is attempting to throw dust into the eyes of the international community.

“When India started observing its Republic Day, Kashmiris, since that day, has been observing it as Black Day to apprise global community that the so-called democratic country has usurped their basic rights including the UN acknowledged right to self-determination”, the premier added.

Khan said that India has no moral right to observe January 26 as Republic Day when it has turned the valley of eight million people into jail.

He added that those who are interested to witness the so-called Indian democracy visit the held territory, which is in worst lockdown and communication blackout from last 174 days.

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