‘Encroachments’ removed from Karachi’s Burns Road

Karachi (HRNW) The KMC removed ‘encroachments’ from Karachi’s Burns Road on Monday. Burns Road is a popular food street.

The authorities say this is to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

The KMC’s anti-encroachment department conducted operations on Muhammad Bin Qasim Road in the Burns Road area. It removed cabins, stalls, push carts, tables and chairs from the footpaths.

They also impounded abandoned vehicles on the road.

Senior director Bashir Siddiqui told Local news channel that the KMC has changed its policy regarding the removal of encroachments. “In the past, it was a routine exercise to conduct anti-encroachment operations and leave the area after the removal of encroachments,” he said.

The KMC staff didn’t visit the area after the operation and as a result, encroachments were back in place soon after, wasting their efforts, he said.

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