Solar Orbiter Mission To Study Sun; Launch Date February 7

Michigan: (HRNW) A solar orbiter mission by the researchers of the University of Michigan will be launched on February 7 for studying the physics of the Sun and will also be the first to capture the images of Sun’s poles.

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Solar Orbiter will function in coordination with Parker Solar Probe of NASA which was launched earlier in August 2018.

According to researchers, the orbiter will be launched from Cape Canaveral.

Solar storms are generally the torrents of charged particles and electromagnetic fields that travel from the Sun and rattle the magnetic field Earth. Disturbances can harm power lines and put expensive transformers at risk and can also damage satellites.

The ability of humans to predict the threats arising from solar activity used to come from the data that is collected from spacecraft and telescopes that were stationed far from the action on the Sun.

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