Where the law lays in toes of influential govt functionary

Karachi (HRNW) This huge 2800 cc, Toyota Land cruiser is a fraudulent vehicle of a rich and powerful government officer, involved in multiple criminal offences, disclosed by Karachi Alerts, a social media awareness entity.

This car is using a FAKE number plate GP-8080.

It has not paid any tax for the last 10 years.

The number GP-8080 in fact belongs to a 1600 cc HONDA car, as per the E&T registration records. Even the Honda did not pay any tax after 2010.

Simultaneously, now a 2800 cc Toyota Land Cruiser also uses the same number plate GP-8080. Which means Toyota Land Cruiser has no registration in Pakistan and is fraudulently using a Honda’s number plate. .

Sadly in the province of Sindh there is no Government, no E&T Department, no Range Police, no CPLC, no ACLC, no Traffic Police and no Public Safety and Police Complaints Commission who can investigate or answer this question. The province does not have any mechanism, any organisation, any capacity, any competence and any interest in checking this crime. It simply suits the rulers to maintain a broken down system. With some sanity, some technology and some will, all this can be fixed up in days and not months.

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