Court wants ‘illegal’ buildings in Karachi demolished in one week

Pic25-038 KARACHI: May25- Workers of anti-encroachment cell use heavy machinery to demolished encroachments on Circular Railway Track during an anti encroachment drive at Musa Colony. ONLINE PHOTO by Syed Asif Ali

Karachi (HRNW) The Sindh government and Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar have one week to demolish all ‘illegal’ buildings in the city.

The Supreme Court gave the order on Thursday while hearing cases on reviving the Karachi Circular Railway and removing encroachments in the city.

It seems that the government doesn’t want the KCR to run, said Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed during the hearing at the Karachi Registry.

The Railways secretary and advocate-general placed the blame on the federal government for causing the delay.

The top judge said that the project is being delayed because of the political agenda of government officials.

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