Cotton production is indispensable to sustain Pakistan’s Export: Mian Anjum Nisar

Karachi (HRNW)- Mian Anjum Nisar, President FPCCI expirees deep concern over low yield of cotton in the country and suggested that government should take all necessary measures on war footings to increase production in the country.

Cotton production has drastically declined from 15 million bales to 9.45 million bales in the current season 2019-20. He said that major reasons for low production are reduction in yield per acre, low priority to grow cotton, uncertified seeds and pesticides etc.

In the country there is a gap of 5 million bales in production and domestic consumption. The local textile industry is therefore, compelled to import raw cotton from abroad to meet its requirement of basic raw material and to ensure its contribution in the Pakistan’s exports.

In the past Pakistan was producing enough cotton according to the local demand and was ahead of neighboring country India. In 1991-92, Pakistan production of cotton was 12.8 million bales while India was producing 11.9 million bales of cotton. Unfortunately, due to ignorance and negligence of cotton cultivation in policies Pakistan is drastically facing reduction of cotton production. Current year production of cotton in Pakistan is 9.45 million bales less than the demand while in India is 31.2 million bales. According to USDA Production of Cotton in China is 27.2 million bales and in USA is 20.2 million bales.

Mian Anjum Nisar, President FPCCI has suggested that to increase the crop size in the coming years the government should declare cotton emergency and take all necessary measures and plan of action to increase production in the country. Education to the farmers, regarding quality seeds for plantation top four – five global companies should be taken on board and sale of substandard seed be effectively constrain.

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