UO’s Zoology Department Holds Seminar on Corona Virus Awareness

Okara (HRNW)- The University of Okara’s Department of Zoology organized a seminar on “Novel Corona Virus Awareness” in collaboration with the District Health Department. The Chairman Faculty of Life Sciences, Dr. Muhammad Wajid, District Entomologist, Muhammad Iqbal Mahmood, District Surveillance Coordinator, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Jamal and Communicable Disease Control Officer, Chaudary Asghar Ali departed necessary information about the precautions, symptoms and treatment of the epidemic to the students.
The event was structured in connection with the directions of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The federal administrative body wants every university to sensitize its students about this critical issue so that any possibility of the spread of the disease can be curtailed.
Speaking at the opening of the seminar, Dr. Wajid told the participants that the medical scientists and health experts were working to find vaccine and cure of Corona Virus it would be controlled soon. He also urged the students to sensitize their families about the precautionary measures to avert the disease.
Dr. Jamal highlighted various symptoms of Corona Virus and the possible harms it can do to human body while Asghar Ali explained different methods to avoid contact with the virus.
According to the university spokesperson, the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zakria Zakar aims at sensitizing the students on all issues of public interest so that a healthy and educated community can be built in the region.

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