Conspiracy being hatched through disinformation about economy: Haleem Adil

Karachi (HRNW)- Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and leader of parliamentary party in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh here Tuesday said that a conspiracy is being hatched against their federal government and there is a disinformation drive about the state of national economy.

Talking to media outside Sindh assembly flanked by MPAs Dr Saeed Afridi, Dua Bhutto, Shahnawaz Jadon and others, he said there is a disinformation that economy of Pakistan is in a poor shape. He said that facts are totally different. He said today a cabinet meeting is being held and people would hear more good news. He said steps are being taken to reduce price hike. He said previous rulers are responsible for price hike as they took huge loans and transferred funds outside the country. He said our team has overcome the issue and controlled parity rate with dollar and it resulted in some price hike.

He said today LNG is cheaper in whole world but the previous rulers bought costly LNG. He said Sindh government did not give right of way for gas pipeline and it resulted in gas shortage. He said in Sindh the provincial government stole wheat, or their mice devoured it and we had to import wheat and Sindh was worst affected by wheat flour shortage.

He said our government got Pakistan in an ICU. He said had our government not taken proper steps the country would have become bankrupt. He said we have saved Pakistan and revived national economy.

Haleem Adil said now out exports have increased and so is foreign investment. He said current deficit is reduced by 80 percent and PIA is being revived. He said people are paying taxes through automatic system. He said in 2018 stock exchange had plunged to 2500 points and now it has become one of the big capital markets of world. He said IMF and other international institutions are saying that the economy of Pakistan is improving.

He said Rs.190billion are earmarked for Ihsas Kifalat. He said under Benazir Income Support program Rs.2000 per month would be given to deserving people. He said Rs. 100bn are kept for Kamyab Naujwan program to give loans from Rs 0.1mn to Rs0.5mn. He said model Lungars are set up in the country. He said under Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme people paying rents from Rs5000 to Rs1000 could get their own homes.

He said it is heard that Bilawal Zardari is preparing for some march. He said how he could go to people with his poor performance in Sindh. He said his party has devoured everything from hepatitis funds to Zakat. He said Sindh rulers have made whole province a ruin. He said 90percent people in Sindh are drinking gutter-mixed water. He said there is a criminal governance in Sindh and what Bilawal’s march against us would serve him.

He said thousands of children have already been died in Thar. He said cities and town of Sindh are converted into heaps of garbage. He said in Sindh hospital face shortage of medicines and schools shortage of books. Thousands of government schools remain closed in Sindh. More than 2000 cases of human rights violations have been reported in Sindh in one year. As per report of Auditor General, during last 10 years a corruption of Rs957bn is carried out in Sindh.
He said the provincial government has created shortage of wheat in Sindh. He said we will hold a march and expose the real face of Sindh government in every town. He said this government has embezzled funds in the name of Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. He said all projects started in her name are still uncompleted. He said we welcome the directives of Supreme Court and appeal to the Sindh government to give alternate plots to affectees. He said affected people on government lands would be given homes in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. He said the officers who allowed construction of tall buildings on encroached lands should be presented before the apex court.

He said he was attacked during his visit to Umerkot and Taimur Talpur got lodged a fake case against him. He said he has already held a press conference against Zardari before Zardari house and a press conference against CM in his constituency but he has never adopted dirty tricks. He said peaceful protest is right of every citizen. He said three days ago he went to Umerkot to appear before the court and Taimur Talpur sent some women to attack on him but the court thwarted their attempt. He said instead of sending women to attack him, his opponents should muster courage to come themselves to face him.

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