New clashes in Libya despite UN ceasefire call

TRIPOLI (HRNW) – Rival forces clashed in the Libyan capital Thursday, causing new civilian casualties in the grinding conflict a day after a UN Security Council resolution called for a “lasting ceasefire”.

The resolution was the council s first since eastern Libya strongman Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive last April to seize Tripoli, the seat of the UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA).

But its call for the consolidation of a fragile truce observed since January 12 has not taken effect on the ground.

A new round of violence on the southern outskirts of the Libyan capital on Thursday left civilians dead and wounded.

Tripoli s sole functioning airport of Mitiga, frequently shut down by shelling, suspended flights for several hours after it was hit by a rocket strike before resuming operations.

Witnesses heard explosions in the largely agricultural area of Machrou al-Hadhba about 30 kilometres (18 miles) south of the Tripoli city centre.

GNA spokesman Moustafa al-Mejii confirmed fighting had broken out in the suburb.

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