40 Americans On Japan Ship Infected With Coronavirus

Washington, United States: (HRNW) Forty Americans are among hundreds infected with the new coronavirus on a cruise ship quarantined off Japan, a US official said on Sunday, after other Americans on board left for chartered flights home.
The evacuation coincided with stepped-up warnings from Japanese authorities over the deadly outbreak, urging citizens to avoid crowds and “non-essential gatherings.”

The Diamond Princess was placed in a 14-day quarantine in early February after a former passenger tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

But US authorities announced on the weekend they would offer American passengers the option to leave and fly home, where they will face another 14-day isolation period. Several other governments also have announced plans to remove their citizens from the ship.

More than three dozen Americans are not going home, however, Anthony Fauci, a senior official at the National Institutes for Health, said on CBS.

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