Experienced foreign workers needed

New service centre for immigrant workers will advise interested qualified workers from outside the EU on the opportunities in Germany.

At the opening of a new service centre for foreign workers, Education Minister Anja Karliczek stressed the importance of qualified immigrants.

“We will not get the worker shortage sorted with the people who live here,” she said at the opening of the service centre in Bonn on Monday. “We need specialists from abroad.”

The shortage is already a hindrance to growth in many industries. Starting in March, the new centre will advise interested qualified workers from outside the EU on the opportunities in Germany via phone, email and chats. The employees in Bonn are already processing the first inquiries, particularly regarding the recognition of foreign diplomas and qualifications.

Germany’s law allowing the immigration of skilled workers comes into force in March. The goal is to make it easier for qualified workers from non-EU countries to come to Germany, as there is an increasing shortage of these workers in Germany and the EU. The law is intended to accelerate visa procedures and improve the opportunities for skilled workers to learn German.

Federal Labour Minister Hubertus Heil, touring the service centre with Karliczek, warned against great expectations: “We must make an effort” to attract qualified workers, he said. But he believes the service center will be an important contribution to simplifying and expediting complex procedures. “They will help people through Germany’s bureaucratic jungle,” Heil said about the staff.

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