Federal Govt has done nothing but takes revenge: Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo

Karachi (HRNW) Provincial Minister for Anti-Corruption, Industries and Commerce & Cooperative Department Sindh, Jam Ikramullah Dharejo has said that the PPP, during its last tenure, have done record development works including agricultural reforms, poverty alleviation and has also introduced important programs, but it is regrettable that the present federal government has done nothing but takes revenge and has brought inflation to the people, and their incompetency has brought bankruptcy to the nation economy. He said this while meeting with various delegations in his office today . Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo added that the current government has recorded a record 84 percent inflation in the 18-month period. The general segment, including the farmers, has lagged behind. The rising prices of oil and fertilizers to run the tube well have ruined the lives of the farmers. He said that whenever the people raise their hands to pray, they ask for deliverance from the existing oppressive rulers.

Sindh Minister for Industries and Commerc & Cooperative Department and Anti-corruption Jam Ikramuallah Dharejo said, “The only way to get out of the present difficult situation is to have the Prime Minister resigned immediately so that the nation can be saved and the people may breathe a sigh of relief ‘. Provincial minister said that when we talk about the problems of the people, the government ministers use abusive language. He said that during the last five years of the PPP, the Pakistan Peoples Party made comprehensive legislation and made important legislation like the Eighteenth Amendment, but no such comprehensive law could be found on the part of the current federal govt.

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