Russian Artist, His Partner Arrested Over French Politician’s Sex Video

Paris: (HRNW) French police held a Russian activist and his girlfriend for questioning on Sunday over sex videos released online that brought down President Emmanuel Macron’s favoured candidate for Paris mayor.
Pyotr Pavlensky has said he leaked the video that forced the centrist ruling party’s Benjamin Griveaux to bow out of the running for mayor in next month’s election.

The artist, who received asylum in France in 2017 after several radical protests in Russia, was arrested on Saturday in connection with a fight at a New Year’s party.

On Sunday, however, police turned their attention to the footage posted online this week showing a man masturbating, coupled with racy text messages sent to a woman.

The videos prompted Griveaux, a married father of three, to abruptly call off his mayoral campaign, a first in France, where politicians have in the past attempted to brush off sex scandals as private matters.

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