Soybean container likely source of Karachi gas leak: experts

Karachi (HRNW) The soybean container at Keamari Port is the likely cause of the toxic gas leak in Karachi, experts at a Karachi University research center said Tuesday.

In a letter to the Karachi commissioner, the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences said it had collected the blood and urine samples of people, and soybean dust from the Keamari area.

“While we are working on this complex bioanalytical problem, we think this may be due to over exposure to soybean dust,” the letter said.

In the light of its investigation, the research center suggested that extreme measures must be taken in unloading soybean containers from now on.

“The symptoms due to exposure to soybean dust (aeroallergens) may be considered as the possible cause,” the letter said.

It said that such epidemics have also been reported in other parts of the world in the past. In 1984, a similar case was reported in Barcelona where 10 people died due to a similar gas leak.

However, the All Pakistan Solvent Extractors’ Association rejected the report, saying that the first patient was hospitalised even before the soybean vessel was unloaded.

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