Coronavirus Plunging World Economy Into Decade’s Worst Downturn

Paris: (HRNW) The coronavirus outbreak is plunging the world economy into its worst downturn since the global financial crisis, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development warned on Monday, urging governments and central banks to fight back to avoid an even steeper slump.
The global economy is set to grow only 2.4% this year, the lowest since 2009 and down from a forecast of 2.9% in November, the OECD said in an update of its outlook.

The Paris-based policy forum projected the global economy could recover to 3.3% growth in 2021, assuming the epidemic peaked in China in the first quarter of this year and other outbreaks proved mild and contained.

However, if the virus spreads throughout Asia, Europe and North America, global growth could drop as low as 1.5% this year, the OECD warned.

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