Pakistani pilgrims who returned from Iran leave quarantine to protest

Quetta (HRNW) Pakistani pilgrims, who recently returned from Iran and were placed in quarantine in Taftan, broke out of the quarantine centre and held a protest in the Pakistan-Iran border town over unavailability of food, medical and other facilities.
According to the protesters, they aren’t being taken care of and given blankets to sleep at night. They said that even the bathrooms have not been cleaned for the last couple of days.

The officials in the Chaghi district held talks with the protesters, but they failed. The protesters returned to the quarantine centre after residents and traders carrying sticks in Taftan took to the streets and demanded the protesters go back.
The residents of Taftan said that the coronavirus can spread in their town if the pilgrims were allowed to roam freely in the city.

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