Russian strikes kills 15 civilians in northwest Syria: monitor

MAARET MISRIN (HRNW) – Russian air strikes Thursday killed at least 15 civilians including a child in the last major opposition bastion of Idlib in northwestern Syria, a Britain-based war monitor said.

The strikes after midnight targeted an area where displaced Syrians had gathered outside the town of Maaret Misrin in Idlib province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

An AFP correspondent saw the bodies of some of the victims wrapped in thick winter blankets at a local hospital.

A rescuer carried in the body of a baby girl, her mouth filled with grey debris and her pink pyjamas caked in dust.

At the site of the strikes, two large one-storey out-buildings lay mostly in rubble near green orchards.

The strikes destroyed the poultry farm where the displaced families had been living. Dozens of surviving white chickens picked through the dust, as rescuers operated bulldozers to comb through the debris.

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