Prisoner release needs ‘Transparent Mechanism’: Ghani

KABUL (HRNW) – Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, addressing a ceremony, said there is a need for a “transparent mechanism” to release the Taliban prisoners – as part of a peace deal between the US and the Taliban.

Ashraf Ghani also said that there is a need for an “executive guarantee” for the release of the prisoners.

Based on the US-Taliban agreement signed on Feb. 29 in Qatar, up to 5,000 prisoners of the Taliban in the Afghan government’s custody should be released by March 10 ahead of the intra-Afghan negotiations.

Calling the current condition “critical” in terms of an opportunity for peace, Ghani said the people’s request is that there should be an executive guarantee so that these people (prisoners) will not return to violence once they are released.

“Afghanistan is in a critical stage and is in dire need of unity. We can only overcome challenges with the perspective of national unity,” Ghani said.

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