Use and sale of plastic bags banned in Quetta

Quetta (HRNW) In an effort to make pollution free environment Baluchisan Govt has impose ban on sale & use of plastic bags in Quetta.

The Ministry of Climate Change, along with the Government of Balochistan, has imposed a ban on the use and sale of polythene bags across Quetta.

According to Balochistan Environment Secretary Abdul Saboor Kakar, fines will be imposed on those who will violate the law. “We have directed personnel of the Frontier Corps, Levies Force and police to enable strict implementation of the ban,” he said.

“The high court and the Supreme Court have also given clear instructions of the ban,” Kakar said.

Residents too have expressed delight over the ban. They have, however, demanded that the government provide them an alternative of plastic bags. To this, Kakar assured that cloth bags and degradable plastic bags will soon be introduced.

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