Lahore (HRNW)- The Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) hosted a two-day workshop titled “Improving Emergency Medical Response” in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications focusing on the development of an effective post-crash response system in all provinces of Pakistan and standardized reporting format for road traffic crashes.
Speaking at the occasion, DG Rescue Punjab Dr Rizwan Naseer said “in January 2019 EMS Punjab held a national EMR workshop to develop National Guidelines for Post-crash Response and priority actions up to 2024. Now we are hosting a workshop to commence implementing those actions.” Our commitment is to constantly improve quality and service standards to save lives and reduce injuries to establish safer communities in Pakistan, he added.
The workshop is part of a road safety project being implemented by MoC with the support of the Asian Development Bank and the UK Department for International Development. Ms Rosemary Rouse, Team leader National Road Safety Project highlighted the importance of providing consistent, accurate high-quality data to all provincial and federal territory government in the North and West Pakistan. The workshop objective is to produce harmonized data collection and analysis systems to enable governments to meet the challenge of improving road safety for everyone in the next decade and develop the UN 2030 Global Road Safety Targets. The Director, MERC Baluchistan presented the report on the performance of MERC 1122 in Baluchistan since its start on 22 October 2019 and thanked Dr Rizwan Naseer for his support to establish this life-saving service and further revealed that they had responded to 1010 accidents and provided emergency care to 1430 injured victims of these accidents.
During two days’ workshop, various topics were discussed including the role of M/oNHR&C in implementing the National Guidelines for the post-crash response, safety performance indicator for Emergency Medical Response, the role of EMS data progress road safety action in Pakistan, and Rescue 1122 dispatch and pre-alert system.
The participants also shared their feedback suggesting to formulate the standardized data collection form, design and implementation of standardized pre-hospital Patient Report Form (PRF) and reviewed Rescue 1122’ PRF to enable data analysis and reporting at provincial and national levels. The workshop decided recommended that collect, analyze and disseminate morbidity data relating to road traffic crashes and use this data to inform policy and technical standards for safety equipment and to advocate for public health prevention programs. It was also recommended to improve the inter-operability and co-ordination amongst the emergency services to ensure effective data sharing.
At the concluding session, Dr Rizwan Naseer said that Rescue 1122 is striving hard to reduce the road traffic crashes and creating awareness among the citizens through its community safety training program. He said all stakeholders should have to come forward to prevent the precious lives from injury, disability and above all on seen fatalities of road traffic crashes. He also thanked the Ministry of Communication in collaboration emergency services to improve the road safety and prevention of road traffic crashes.


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