Lahore High Court bans entry of unrelated lawyers, petitioners

Lahore (HRNW) The Lahore High Court has imposed a ban on entry of unrelated lawyers, petitioners in the court as precautionary measures against spreading of Coronavirus.

The decision was taken during a meeting led by Chief Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh. A notice covering the 12 points was issued after the meeting.

According to the notice, lawyers and petitioners have been banned from entering court premises unless they have a case hearing. Members of the lawyers associations and clerks have been barred from entering courtrooms.

People inside courts have also been advised to refrain from shaking hands. The chief justice ordered that courtrooms should be cleaned twice a day. “Steps should be taken to clean door handles, door bells, windows and doors,” he added.

All employees have been instructed to wash their hands and the use of air conditioners inside court rooms has been banned.

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