Global coronavirus death toll tops 7,500

PARIS (HRNW) According to an Iranian health official, there were 135 new deaths due to the coronavirus, raising the total death toll to 988. Spain’s health ministry official said the total number of deaths due to coronavirus has risen to 491. The number of deaths around the world linked to the new coronavirus has topped 7,500.

China has the highest number of fatalities at 3,213, followed by Italy with 2,158 deaths and almost 28,000 cases.

On the other hand, Italy reported 349 new deaths from the novel coronavirus, taking its total since last month to 2,158, the most after China.

The number of official COVID-19 fatalities has more than doubled since Thursday, when Italy s toll topped 1,000 for the first time. Italy now has 27,980 infections, compared to 15,113 four days ago.

It has reported more than 700 deaths in two days.

Among specific regions, the overwhelming majority of the fatalities remained largely confined to northern regions, where the virus first started spreading around cities such as Milan.

The Italian financial capital s Lombardy region recorded 1,420 deaths, of 66 percent of Italy s total — about the same share it has had throughout the crisis.

But the neighbouring Piedmont region around Turin, which is home to the Italian auto industry, has seen its number of deaths and infections nearly double in two days.

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