One patient’s carelessness infected 16 people in Sindh: Murtaza Wahab

Karachi (HRNW) One coronavirus patient’s carelessness put lives of 16 people at risk, said Advisor to Sindh Chief Minister Murtaza Wahab while addressing the media on Friday.

“The person had a travel history to Saudi Arabia but refused to get tested,” he said. “The person did not even go into self-quarantine and instead had a gathering at their place.

“Due to this, 16 people from the person’s friends and families have tested positive for the virus now,” Wahab confirmed.

Sindh has reported 238 known cases of the virus so far. The province has the highest number of people affected from the pandemic.

According to Wahab, the best way to fight the virus is through precaution. “Limit your social gatherings, don’t leave your house unless absolutely necessary and self-isolate yourselves,” he said.

This way, you will not just safeguard yourselves but also the people around you, he said. “A 13-month-old child has also been affected by the virus,” Wahab said.

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