Speaker National Assembly Makes telephonic contact with leader of the opposition

Islamabad (HRNW)- Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser telephoned the Leader of the Opposition National Assembly Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif on his return home on Sunday morning. He commended the Leader of the Opposition for returning home to
Join the struggle against the Corona virus, with all political leadership in this critical time.

Speaker National Assembly and Opposition Leader discussed the present state of the corona virus spread and its impact on the economy of the country. Speaker informed the leader of the Opposition about the establishment of Parliamentary Committee on Corona virus. He said that the committee will monitor the steps of the government and forward its suggestions to the government. He said that a loud message needs to be sent to the people that their leadership was standing side by side with them. He asked him for giving the names of his party’s representatives for the parliamentary committee so that it could start functioning.

Opposition Leader National Assembly Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif hailed the speaker’s efforts to unite political leadership in this difficult time. “We need to think beyond politics to tackle the corona virus being a global epidemic,” he said. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif said that we have to take every step thoughtfully. He said that the corona virus has destroyed thousands of human lives in the world and it has hit the world economy very seriously. He said that our country is already facing economic challenges, therefore, adoption of a joint approach to address the detriments to the economy. He expressed his determination that whenever the difficult times have come upon the nation, all political leadership had stood firm with the nation.

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