Water is an under-used weapon in climate change fight: UN

BARCELONA (HRNW) – Using water more efficiently in everything from daily life to agriculture and industry would help reduce planet-warming emissions and curb climate change – a potential benefit that has yet to be widely recognised, the United Nations said on Sunday.

In a report issued on World Water Day, U.N. agencies said global warming would “affect the availability, quality and quantity of water for basic human needs”, threatening the right to water and sanitation for “potentially billions of people”.

But as well as using limited supplies more wisely and fairly, policymakers and businesses should also seek to manage water resources better to economise on the electricity and fuel needed to pump, clean and deliver water, the report said.

“If you save water, you re saving energy and reducing the greenhouse gases to produce that energy to bring the water,” said Richard Connor, the report s editor.

Using less energy cuts down further on the water needed to produce electricity, creating a virtuous circle, he said.

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