Karachi forms medical teams to test police officers for COVID-19

Karachi (HRNW) Along with doctors and paramedic staff, another group that has been serving in the frontline against the novel coronavirus is the police. Their security, therefore, is very important.

Karachi West Deputy Inspector General Asim Qaimkhani has ordered teams comprising eight medical staff to test police officers in the city for COVID-19.

So far, 800 officers have been tested and no one tested positive. “We are not only checking their temperatures but also take their medical history,” a medical officer said.

“In case anyone tests positive for the virus, we have government ambulances and police vans to immediately shift them to a hospital,” he added.

The medical staff also ensures their own safety by using personal protective equipment. They will be testing more people in other parts of the city too.

According to the DIG, the safety of the police officers is very important so that they can ensure that the residents of the city are safe.

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