Germany’s Goethe Institute launches international cultural platform

Germany’s cultural promotion body the Goethe Institute has set up an international online platform as the coronavirus pandemic wipes events calendars clean.

The website will allow cultural professionals to gain visibility and reach across borders with online events, the Goethe Institute announced on Thursday.

The aim of the platform is to reach an international audience and to enable donations for artists.

“Artists and cultural institutions all over the world are facing existential challenges,” said Goethe Institute chair Johannes Ebert, referring to the recent spate of cancelled concerts, museum closures and evaporating sources of income.

“In times of social distancing, digitization is currently the only way to bring cultural offerings to people in a virtual way,” Ebert added.

Experimental and classic formats will be equally welcome on the platform, said Ebert, with cultural offerings to be uploaded free of charge.

With 157 chapters in 98 countries across the globe, the Goethe Institute serves as Germany’s cultural flagship abroad.

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