WHO praises Pakistan’s isolation strategy for COVID-19

New York (HRNW) The World Health organisation during a press briefing on Wednesday said that it was impressed by the “commitment to establishing temporary isolation units in Pakistan”.

However, in spite of progress, the WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said he asks all countries in the EMRO region to do more.

Almost 140,000 cases and more than 6,000 deaths have been reported in Eastern Mediterranean Region so far.

“The Eastern Mediterranean still has an opportunity to slow the transmission of COVID19 – but the window is rapidly closing,” said Dr Ghebreyesus. “Early isolation of ALL cases is perhaps the most important public health measure in controlling the spread of COVID19″.

He praised the responses of other countries in the region. The outreach to 70 million people through the national campaign in Iran was lauded. COVID-19 cases in Iran were on the decline, said the director-general, but rising in other countries.

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