Surfing and strolling, Spaniards reclaim the outdoors

GAVA/MADRID (HRNW) – Spaniards revelled in a second day of freedom on Sunday, flocking outdoors in time-slots for age groups on the first weekend adults were allowed out since one of the world s strictest coronavirus lockdowns was imposed in mid-March.

Though Spain s appalling COVID-19 outbreak has shrouded the nation in mourning for more than 25,000 dead, there was much-needed relief on a sunny spring day as people at last headed back to the streets, hills and sea.

Surfer Sigrid Cervera, 44, yelled for joy as she jumped into the waves with her board in Gava, a town on the Mediterranean coast outside Barcelona.

“I have not been able to go surfing for ages so I am very excited this morning,” she said.

Joggers ruled the streets early on, before it was the elderly and then children s turn – all under orders to stay 2 metres apart under continued social distancing guidelines.

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