Young students should make Mohammad Bin Qasim their role-model: Hamdard Foundation

Karachi (HRNW)- Youm-e-Babul Islam is a day to pay tribute to one of the greatest Muslim Generals of the golden age of Islamic history Muhammad bin Qasim. Founder of Hamdard Pakistan, Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said used to celebrate this day with great joy and passion by holding festive events in Hamdard Public school every year. After his martyrdom Hamdard Pakistan followed the principles of its founder and continue to hold annual event to mark the day. Due to pandemic , this year’s related activities have been called off. Signifying the importance of 10th Ramazan-ul-Mubarak, Hamdard chairperson Mrs. Sadia Rashid paid tribute to Muhammad bin Qasim for his bravery and valor. She said “He was 17 years old when he conquered both Sindh and hearts of natives with his military strategies, administrative prowess, political wisdom and enforcing justice and rule of law. “This victory embarks a new leaf in the history of Indian subcontinent that forever changed the political, social and religious landscape of subcontinent.”
To honour the Muslim army, Hakim Mohammed Said established one of a kind city of knowledge “Madinat-al-Hikmah” on the same grounds where Muslim army stationed for few days before marching ahead. Many historians back this claim. Young students should make Qasim their role-model because his life and accomplishments have many valuable lessons for personal development.

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