Lufthansa to double schedule in June, including holiday destinations

Germany’s Lufthansa is to roughly double its schedule in June, putting 160 planes into the air to carry passengers to 106 domestic and foreign destinations, the airline announced from its Frankfurt headquarters on Friday.

Lufthansa, along with its subsidiaries Swiss and Eurowings, will include many traditional holiday destinations in the schedule, including Crete and Majorca in the Mediterranean and Sylt and Rostock on the northern German coastline.

Around 600 planes that belong to the group will remain grounded.

On Thursday, the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s second largest airline after Ryanair, confirmed that it was in talks with the German government regarding a bailout package of 9 billion euros (9.7 billion dollars).

In exchange for the stabilization package, the government has proposed taking a stake in the company of up to 25 per cent plus one share, the airline stated in a regulatory release, as well as one seat on the supervisory board.

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