French team visits plane crash site, demands complete record of A320

KARACHI (HRNW) – An 11 member French investigative team visited crash site of Pakistan International Airline’s PK-8303. The team also found one more part of plane’s blackbox.

According to details, French team arrived at the site with investigative team of PIA and checked plane’s engine, landing gear and wings. The team also assisted PIA team with their modern instruments.

However, the investigative team is still searching for cockpit voice record, which contains conversation of pilot and copilot of the plane.

On the other hand, the French team has demanded access to complete record of the A320 while getting briefed by PIA officials on the plane crash.

The French team asked some pertinent questions such as how many times was the A320 grounded in the previous one year? Which problems were fixed on the plane’s checklist? And how many cycles did the engine complete during flight in the last year?

Moreover, how many times was the plane put through checking process? How many times the landing gear was technically serviced? Which engineers worked on the main technical services of the aircraft? What resources and parts were used to fix technical problems? Did the alarm systems of the plane ever malfunction? And other important questions were asked.

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