German border police: 196,000 entry refusals due to virus suspicions

Berlin (dpa) – Police carrying out checks at Germany’s borders issued 196,000 refusals of entry to travellers they suspected of being infected with the novel coronavirus.

That figure applies to checks carried out up until June 11, Interior Minister Horst Seehofer told the Sunday newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

He said 6,000 officials had been carrying out the checks since March 16, when the temporary controls were introduced.

The Interior Ministry said 122 officers were themselves infected with the virus, without providing further details.

Seehofer said such duties were among the most difficult operations carried out by the police, and he praised their work and thanked them on behalf of the government as a whole.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Seehofer also thanked the population for its efforts, and tweeted that he was glad that people could enjoy more freedoms, even as they took care.

At midnight on Sunday night, Germany plans to stop carrying out the controls at its borders imposed due to the pandemic.

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