As coronavirus returns, Beijingers face disruption, anxiety

BEIJING (HRNW) – Beijing s scramble to contain a coronavirus outbreak, just over a week after containment measures had been eased and life had returned to near-normal, is disrupting activity for many residents and fueling concerns of further tightening.

Many expressed faith in the city s ability to control the latest outbreak, but others expressed renewed anxiety.

Measures have been strictest in the southwestern district of Fengtai, home to the sprawling Xinfadi wholesale market, thought to be the origin of the latest outbreak that emerged late last week, which has infected 106 people.

Some gyms have closed, and swimming pools across the city, which only re-opened earlier this month, have been told to shut again. The same applies to places of worship, including Yonghe Lamasery, a popular landmark, hurting nearby businesses.

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