Iranian diesel, betel nuts worth over Rs107m seized in Balochistan

Quetta (HRNW) A team of the Pakistan Cost Guards seized consignments of betel nuts, Iranian diesel and arrested 25 illegal immigrants during operations in Gwadar and Winder.

A spokesperson of the law enforcers said they recovered 18,000 litres of smuggled Iranian diesel on a tip-off in Gwadar. In another raid in Winder, the team seized 34,394 kilogrammes of betel nuts and 45 tonnes of fluorite stones from several suspicious vehicles.

Around 17 people were arrested in the second raid. They also found 91 stolen tyres and16 bags of China salt near a check-post in Winder.

The law enforcers took 25 illegal immigrants and a Nigerian national into custody.

The seized items were worth approximately Rs107 million.

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