Petrol shortage persists in Lahore, people scramble to find fuel

LAHORE (HRNW) – Petrol shortage continues across the country, particularly in Lahore, where people are still waiting for petrol supply to normalize. Meanwhile, the Petroleum Dealers Association has welcomed the steps taken by the Prime Minister against the shortage.

According to details, the shortage of petrol is testing the public’s patience and taking notice of the situation, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed to arrest those responsible for the petrol crisis and revoke the licenses of those oil marketing companies.

Oil marketing companies, on the other hand, have restored supply, but it is still far less than the consumption requirement and citizens still have to wait in long queues at petrol stations.

Petrol pumps are putting caps on fill ups with motorcycles only being able to fill petrol worth Rs 100 to Rs 200, while cars are being given petrol worth Rs 1,000 at most. People are struggling to find petrol anywhere in the city with many asking how will they make a living if they keep having to search for gasoline throughout the day.

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